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FinTech Growth Fund launches Beyond Investing

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February 22, 2024

This ambitious initiative aims to nurture talent and support early-stage founders from all walks of life throughout the UK.

On February 21st, FinTech Growth Fund launched its ambitious Beyond Investing programme. It addresses three important themes for the UK FinTech sector – supporting early-stage founders, nurturing talent, diversity and inclusion, and developing the significant FinTech potential of the nations and regions within the UK.

The first of the multi-year Beyond Investing initiative is a year-long mentoring initiative for early-stage FinTech founders and students across the North of England. It will be conducted through a series of quarterly, one-to-one educational and mentoring workshops featuring leading institutions such as Barclays, Mastercard, London Stock Exchange Group, NatWest, alongside leading early-stage investors and other key FinTech ecosystem firms such as Anthemis, Outward VC, Mountside Ventures, Praetura Ventures, and White & Case.

Beyond Investing has been developed to address the current inequality in UK FinTech. At present, 89% of senior FinTech roles are occupied by people from higher socio-economic backgrounds, just 10% of management roles are held by Black, Asian, or other ethnic minority people and 83% of UK VC deals last year had no women at all on the founding teams. 

There also are glaring regional inequalities. Currently, more than two thirds of all FinTech funding is invested in London and 45% of graduate opportunities are based in the southeast of England.

Fintech Growth Fund believes that addressing these inequalities will improve and supercharge the growth potential of the entire UK FinTech sector.

It intends to leverage its network and expertise to ensure more early-stage firms make it to the growth stage. 

“Through Beyond Investing, we hope to support the next generation of FinTech and greater economic success,” says Phil Vidler, Managing Partner. 

The workshop series has been created in partnership with FinTech North and FinTech Alliance. It will provide hands-on experience for early-stage founders. It will also offer insights into the potential of a FinTech career both for those students who already understand its potential and, importantly, for other talented young people who may never have considered FinTech.

“Partnering with FinTech Growth Fund on delivering mentoring and educational workshops will help us continue to deliver on our commitment to make the North of England a FinTech region of growth and excellence,” says Joe Roche, FinTech North. 

The workshops will be hosted throughout 2024 at leading academic institutions including University of Leeds Business School and Alliance Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester.